Indeed l love browsing , as my usual Monday working morning, I switched on my computer at the office , open my browse and went straight to ‘GhanaWeb’ page to check on news about my dear nation ( mostly headed with political news ).
To my surprise l found out there is or was cholera outbreak in Obuasi (a mining town in which l worked and live).
It turn out that the outbreak was so intense that one life had been lost, l felt sad , after carefully moving around town and taking critical observation of the environment.


I found out that residence of the areas do not take good care of their environment. I took a personal over view or survey of an area called ‘gauso’, where refuse are been dumped massively to the disappointment of God and my survey. It was a terrible site and for sight.
Interesting to note, there is a beautiful house which is built right across the road where the refuses are dumped.
Is believed that, the house belong to one pastor of the Methodist church, cleanliness leads to godliness they say, do not occur in this situation.
The question l asked myself, is, why people would throw rubbish on the ground and not in the huge waste bin provided in the community.
Why would the same people spend money on health and medication, whiles they could spend little on sanitation to enhance their environment.
These same people will accuse the municipal assemble (government) for not doing anything about their problem (sanitation) whiles, they (residence of the area) are the very cause of the problem.
Is so touching, that in this part of the world (Africa). We result to the after mark of a problem rather than prevention negative outcomes.
We belong to the environment and the environment belongs to us, how we treat it (the environment ¬) will produce such outcome to us. A good treatment brings a clean atmosphere, joy, peace and happiness. But a bad treatment results in pollution, sickness, death and pure sadness.
Let be wise and fight the good fight for our environment.
Our environment …………………… our life